• Aloo Methi Roll 20 Minutes  recipe

    Aloo Methi Roll

    Fill your kid’s next tiffin with this quick and tasty Aloo roll.


    Spicy Potato Mexican Sandwich

    Bet your kids will love this savoury sandwich, especially when you make it with all your love!

  • Vegetable pasta roll 40 Minutes  recipe

    Vegetable Pasta Roll

    It’s Italian. It’s Indian. But an instant favourite is what it surely is.

  • Tangy Tomato Idlis 30 Minutes  recipe

    Tangy Tomato Idlis

    When it’s time to take your love for idlis to newer heights, this is how you do it!

  • Noodle Samosa 60 Minutes  recipe

    Noodle Samosa

    Samosas with a refreshing twist to make your kid’s tiffin time exciting and memorable!

  • Spinach and Potato Roll 20 Minutes  recipe

    Spinach and Potato Roll

    So satisfying, your kids will surely ask for more of these hearty rolls in their tiffin!

  • Chatpata Potato Sandwich 15 Minutes  recipe

    Chatpata Potato Sandwich

    Here’s a guaranteed finger-licking tiffin recipe to give your kids a much-deserved break from the routine of roti sabzi!

  • Corn Omelettes 45 Minutes  recipe

    Corn Omelette

    Enjoy the monsoons with these straight-off-the-griddle snacks. You’ll wish the rains to drizzle down all year long