• Kissan Quick No-Bake Cookies 5 Minutes  recipe

    Quick No-Bake Cookies

    Always keep Kissan No-Bake Cookies handy for an instant energy fix.

  • Jam cookies 45 Minutes  recipe

    Jam Cookies

    Here is a small and sweet little treats you can give your kids for their tiffin.

  • Quick Fruit Trifle 5 Minutes  recipe

    Quick Fruit Trifle

    Presenting fruits in a creative way is the best solution to make your kids' friends with them.

  • French Toast roll-ups 25 Minutes  recipe

    French Toast Roll-ups

    French Toast with an exciting rolled-up twist.

  • Peanut Butter & Jam Squares 10 Minutes  recipe

    Peanut Butter & Jam Squares

    If your kids are bored of regular sandwiches, then here’s what you should do to give it a twist.

  • Grilled Cheese & Jam 10 Minutes  recipe

    Grilled Cheese & Jam Sandwich

    A sandwich is an all-rounder for kids, but with a wonderful Kissan twist to it, your kids will simply love it even more.

  • Jam & Peanut Sandwich 10 Minutes  recipe

    Jam & Peanut Sandwich

    With a unique combination of exciting flavours, your kids can never have enough of this.

  • Sweet Buns 7 Minutes  recipe

    Sweet Buns

    Enjoy these stuffed Kissan Sweet Buns as a tiffin snack or with a cup of tea.