Juicy Orange Squash

Juicy Orange Squash 750 ml


Naturally ripened Oranges, handpicked from the renowned farms of Nagpur, are used to make our Juicy Orange Squash. Every sip of Kissan's Juicy Orange Squash is enriched with the goodness of Fruit Vitamins* A, B, and C. Our Orange Squash has more fruit juice** in every sip as compared to Leading Instant Drink Mix. Enjoy the deliciously refreshing Orange taste with water or soda.

*Each serve (210ml prepared squash) provides 15% RDA of Fruit vitamins (Vitamins A, B6, B7 & C).

**1 serve of Kissan Orange Squash has 20x more Orange juice as compared to 1 serve of Leading Instant Drink Mix (Orange variant).