Kissan Grilled Cheese And Jam Sandwich

Kissan Grilled Cheese And Jam Sandwich

A sandwich is an all-rounder for kids, but with a wonderful Kissan twist to it, your kids will simply love it even more.



2 slices of bread

1 teaspoon butter

4 tablespoons grated cheese

2 teaspoons Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam



1. Spread the bread slices with butter.

2. Mix together the cheese and the Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam and spread evenly over one side of each slice. Sandwich the slices together and cut into triangles.

3. Heat a grill and place the sandwiches on it. Grill the bread till toasted on both sides and grill marks appear.

4. Remove and serve hot with Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup.

5. Sweet and salty Kissan Grilled Cheese and Jam Sandwiches are a jugalbandi of flavours on the tongue.



A high energy snack that is rich in protein and calcium.