Kissan Boiled Egg And Ketchup Sandwiches

Kissan Boiled Egg And Ketchup Sandwiches

To make those sandwiches for tiffin time much more yummier, try out this recipe!



2 teaspoons butter

3 slices sandwich bread

2 teaspoons Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup

20 g iceberg lettuce

2 hard-boiled eggs, sliced into rounds



1. Spread half a teaspoon of butter on a slice of bread.

2. Spread half the tomato ketchup on top, followed by half the shredded lettuce.

3. Arrange slices of 1 boiled egg on top.

4. Butter another slice of bread on both sides and place it on top of the egg.

5. Repeat the layers ending with a slice of bread. Cut the 3-layered sandwich into 2 triangles.

6. Serve Kissan Boiled Egg and Ketchup Sandwiches with coleslaw or French fries on the side.



Eggs are naturally rich in protein and calcium. This recipe will definitely be a hit for those picky eaters.